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Looking for prom car hire in London?
No doubt, school life has many ups and downs. But whether you love it or hate it, there comes a time in every student’s life when it’s time to celebrate, party, and move on! GT City’s event transportation services will make your name unforgettable for a good reason.

A graduation is an important event in every student’s life. It represents the end of the journey for high school and is a great way to celebrate with your friends. It requires planning like where to get everything from suits and prom dresses to professionally chauffeured luxury cars! 

At GT City Chauffeurs, we offer professional car hire in London. With service, you can rely on and a wide range of chauffeur-driven luxury cars, there’s no better choice of arriving in style than with prom car hire services.

GT City’s Luxury Prom Car Rental 

It was a great night for all to attend, celebrating friendship, success, and the end of one season and the beginning of another. You might want to hire a luxury car service in London to make it a great, memorable and special evening that you will cherish for a lifetime. Whether you choose to go with a group of friends or by yourself, at GT City Chauffeurs, we offer a large selection of chauffeur cars for prom in our fleet of wide-ranged luxury cars. We are committed to working with you to ensure that the vehicle you choose is as impressive as you are when you arrive in style on your prom night. You can choose your favourite car from a variety of luxury cars to ensure you arrive in style. From the popular Rolls Royce Phantom to the most luxurious Mercedes S-Class, we have it all for you. Our first-class cars are very affordable, allowing you to get to your ball while you stretch out in style and comfort. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ll love our Range Rover and Tesla collection. You can create wonderful memories with your best friends by renting the right soccer car.

When we take you to your prom, not only will you arrive in a luxury car, but you will also be treated to full VIP service. Our event chauffeurs in London are very experienced and professional. When it comes to giving customers a five-star experience, they pay close attention to detail and meticulously plan everything from the beginning. Over the years, GT City Chauffeurs has earned a reputation for its chauffeur service, which is the envy of our competitors. So you can count on us to get you or your child (if you’re a parent) to the event on time, safely and in style. We work with you to deliver a cost-effective solution that meets all of your needs. We take care of all the details, so you don’t have to worry about a thing and have a great time on prom night!

Make Your Prom Unforgettable With GT City’s Car Rentals 

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We specialize in affordable and reliable Prom Car Rentals. We help you arrive in style and stand out from the crowd by making your night out a class above the rest.

We promise to provide you with an exceptional prom car rental experience. Our prom cars and limos are inspected daily and serviced regularly to ensure the vehicles are reliable, clean and safe. 

Our Event Chauffeurs for Prom

Our chivalrous chauffeurs are highly trained professional chauffeurs with years of experience driving luxury cars. We will pick you and your friends up at the lift and drop you off safely at your destination. You can take selfies and photos while listening to your favourite music and enjoy your prom night from the beginning! Ambient lighting and sate art in-car entertainment add to the ambience of the event and adds to your entertainment. We cover all London areas and the surrounding suburbs. So whether you’re looking to rent a party car or a Rolls-Royce phantom, rest assured that we’ll provide five-star service wherever you need it. 

Luxury Cars For Proms That We Offer

Rolls Royce Phantom 

The Rolls-Royce Phantom has built a reputation for offering the best in comfort and luxury. Also known for its reliability, the Rolls-Royce Phantom has surpassed its predecessors and is the most popular car for proms.

Mercedes S Class

Our Mercedes S Class is the second most popular car for proms. It is perfect for all occasions and events. This attractive car has a lot of comforts, space and style. It can accommodate up to 3 passengers, making it perfect for special occasions like proms, graduation parties, etc. 

Bentley Car

With its elegant and stylish design, the Bentley car is only available at GT City Chauffeurs. Make your prom night special by arriving in style with all your friends in our chauffeur-driven Bentley car. 

Why Choose Our Luxury Cars For Prom?

There are several reasons to book a luxury chauffeur service for your next event. Luxury cars help create a great first impression. Perfect for proms, weddings, weddings, business meetings, or any other occasion, our luxury cars let you drive in style, no matter what. Your grand entrance in one of our luxury vehicles will leave everyone in awe.

Best price available 

We offer the best competitive prices on luxury car rentals. Our qualified and trained drivers handle every booking.

A large luxury car 

Whether you want to rent a party bus for prom night or a limo for a larger event like a party or wedding night, GT City has got you covered! We offer a wide range of luxury cars for hire in London, all chosen for their level, reputation and experience. 

Premium Service 

In a highly competitive market, our main motive is to always exceed customer expectations by meeting their needs and requirements. With the help of our hand-picked professional staff, we strive to make your car rental experience second to none. 

Amazing Service

Our amazing car hire service can turn any event into a truly special occasion. Prom happens only once in your life, so why not make it special and unforgettable? We are one of the UK’s leading luxury car and luxury rental companies with a wide range of luxury cars suitable for proms and other events.

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